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Responsible Entrepreneurship

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

RESPONSIBLE entrepreneurship, in addition to the traditional characteristics of vision, drive, passion, determination, resilience, independence, self-motivation and risk-taking emphasizes the one most critical characteristic, STEWARDSHIP, concerning fellow human-beings and the environment. It is the one that embraces legal, ethical and moral practices and realizes the huge responsibility placed upon the entrepreneur’s shoulders.

In our business practices we need others either as customers, suppliers, advisors, and service providers. Many successful people have been humbled by the understanding of this approach to life and business and have learned to appreciate others and the environment. Our purpose in life, regardless of activities we may find ourselves involved with, is intertwined with two most important things, people and the environment.

In whatever you do, if you develop passion and consideration for these two, I am sure you will be able to lead a fulfilled life. Success is achieved by people who understand their purpose of existence, who have the desire to fulfill that purpose, and who are knowledgeable and determined to lead that life.

Why Giving?

The culture of giving helps discourage greed and selfishness by promoting honest dealings, caring, and patriotism among the people. We need to do introspection of our business attitudes toward each other and commit to assisting those deserving our help. We often do not help people because they deserve to be helped but because there could be something for us in return. Why do honest rich people continue to be rich besides their financial prowess? They are famed for their liberality and generosity in their charities while being liberal in their own expenses. Each year their wealth increases than they spend. Giving is no giving until it is giving away. True wealth lies in the ability to recognize and understand God’s provision mechanisms, universal laws that govern that provision and success, the importance of heartfelt compassion towards other human-beings; and how these are ring-fenced around foremost human-beings and then the stewardship for the environment.

In the digital world, people design products, sell them and give the copyright to others to sell without having to share profits with the originator. Those needing help to realize the opportunity must grab and run with it. People do not just give for the sake of giving, they do that where there is a need to do so and where they can impact lives.

There is power in giving more so to those you cannot get any returns from. It is a spiritual, universal law and all those who adhere to it are handsomely rewarded. Whether you believe in it or not it works and it affects your life and business as we speak. The principle of giving is that the more you give to the deserving needy, the more you receive. No one knows or understands how this happens but it sure does happen.