3 Essential Disciplines Needed to Becoming a Success

When I was a kid, discipline meant a spanking, standing in the corner, or going to my room until I could “play nice with others”. So, as I became an adult with an entrepreneurial ambition, the idea of discipline as a successful business tool did not set well with me at first. Only when I could see the benefit of certain disciplines, did I adopt a new mind on the matter. Below I will discuss three essential disciplines that I have adopted as daily habits to having a successful business (and life!).

1. Self-Improvement: Set aside time everyday, every week, or every month if that is all you can for self-improvement. The self-improvement I’m talking about is not necessarily physical (however, that is good too), but working on the non-organic part of you; mind, spirit, soul. The best business tool is to genuinely know yourself. When you know yourself (and this is a lifetime process!) you can genuinely connect with others, and they can connect with you. Whether you are in sales, providing a professional service, or leading a company, being relatable to the people around you is essential to your success. There are an abundance of resources available for self-improvement. My recommendation would be to ask a trusted friend, family member or co-worker who you see qualities in that you admire for their recommended resource. Also, there are a lot of self-improvement communities that you can become involved in; such as a church group, bible study group, addiction anonymous groups if that is what you need to work on, etc. The discipline is to make the effort and stick with it – you won’t regret it!

2. Invest in Knowledge: Whatever business you are in, the more you know and understand about the people, industry, finances, economy, the products, etc., the better prepared you are for growth and success. Find respected authors online or published in your business area and set aside time to invest in growing your knowledge. Reading and even watching informational videos is an easy way to expand your knowledge everyday.

3. Gain Perspective: Let’s face it! Life is busy! The more successful your business becomes, the more the business will demand your time. This is a critical point in every business owners career, to either step back to gain perspective of the goals, or keep going and eventually let the business take control of your life. An essential discipline is to set aside time away from your business to reflect, journal and gain perspective of the goals. You are in control of the direction of the business, so take the time to keep perspective and remain in the driver’s seat. If you are not careful, the business WILL take the control from you, in one way or another. I recommend taking at least two to three “retreats” per year just to refocus on the business goals. The “retreats” can be three to seven days, but no less than three, sometimes it takes a couple of days to clear your head from all of the busyness. Be careful, these are not vacations! These retreats are business in nature and are essential for your success. Rewrite your goals mission statement and make plans for any changes that need to take place in order to get the business back on course.

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